Diesel Repair

We’re Ready to Take On Your Diesel Needs

Diesel engines have become a lot more common in the last few years.  There are now turbo boosted 4-cylinder engines in almost every form from small Volkswagens to large dual tire towing trucks and beyond.

We at Advantech are ready to take on your diesel needs whether it be something as simple as an oil change to installing custom turbos and intercoolers to up the torque of your favorite Ride.

With the proper modifications and tuning we can double or even triple the factory output of your current diesel vehicle.  Want to put 36-inch mud tires on your truck?  We can install body and suspension lift kits to accommodate any tire size you want.    We don’t recommend installing much more than 2-inch body lift without making adjustments to wiring harnesses, pinion angle of the drive shaft and length of shocks.  We understand there is a science to properly modifying ride heights and by keeping this in mind we are able to help keep our customers safer in their modified vehicle.

Enhanced Diesel Performance

If you prefer to have a lower vehicle for looks and stability, we can help with that also.  From simple drop struts and spring changes to full on air suspensions, we have you covered.  Is your engine not starting as well as it used to, we can install new glow plugs and check the injection system.  If your injection pump is not working like it used to be we can have it rebuilt or get you a new one.  If your diesel injection fluid system is not working, we can do manual regenerations and have the catalyst cleaned or replaced.

Turbo chargers and exhaust gas recirculation systems can get carboned up from use over time.  We do turbo and intercooler cleaning, rebulding and replacements if necessary.  Sometimes we can replace a valve and clean out the system and the vehicle will be running like it came straight off the showroom floor.

If you like big tires that are wider than your stock wheels, we can help with that also.  Fender flares and customizing inner fender wells to allow the big tires to turn is one of our specialties.  Want more out of your turbo? We can install or make custom down pipes and exhaust piping to make all kinds of combinations possible. If you like the sound when your blow off valve releases, we can also tune that to make more boost.

The quickest way to modify your diesel without voiding your dealer warranty is to add a custom air intake. We can install or make the pipes that you need to give your vehicle that extra cold air to produce better power and increase fuel economy.

Even if you have a semi-truck, we can still help you.  From the oil and hydraulic fluid services to fixing the air brakes and replacing tanks, we are trained to get your rig back on the road right away as we understand that is your means for work. If your truck is running fine but you would like to add some lights or custom exhaust stacks or even customize the inside with air conditioners and heaters to refrigeration and entertainment, we can handle it!