Boat Repair

Marine Repair / Boat Repair / Powersports Repair

Advantech believes in being able to repair just about anything.  This includes all forms of power sports equipment repair to personal watercraft repair like jet skis, boat repair, and even jet boats.  If you have an outboard motor, inboard, diesel, or any type of propellant system, we have the experience and knowledge to get you back out there and stay out there for as long as you want.  We do offer field service for marine applications and on water tuning where applicable.  Emergency boat repair service is available upon special request.


Does your boat stay in the water for the season?

It might be time to check your bellows, pull the drain plug and check the integrity of the fiberglass and wood transom for structural integrity.  There is nothing worse than getting out into the middle of a lake and finding out your boat is taking on water.


Does your boat not move when you put the throttle in drive?

You may have blown out the lower end of the out drive.  We do complete rebuilds on all types of drives, inboard or out.  If your prop does not spin, we will diagnose the issue and address the issues that you are having and get you back out in the open water.  There is also a cable linkage from the shifter to the drive that sometimes seizes or snaps.  We can replace the throttle cable and linkage to get you moving again.


Do you need your watercraft ready for the summer?

We at Advantech can clean the fuel system, check over the engine and test run it before you get to the water.  There is nothing worse than getting out on the lake and blowing a freeze plug and taking on water.  We can winterize your vessel and fog your engine so you don’t get stuck taking on water


Want to customize your boat?

We can install custom stereos, extra batteries for trolling motors, ski bars, and anything else to help make your boat yours.  Want to set up your boat for fishing?  We can help.  Let us install new chair mounts, fishing pole holders, convert storage compartments into fish tanks, and make custom fishing pole holders for when you are not using them.


Can we do tune ups and fluid changes?

At Advantech we can do full tune ups including spark plugs, wires, suppressors, and more.  We do oil changes and hydraulic fluid services.  We can pump out your out steering fluid and change it to new.  Sometimes water gets mixed with your fluids and can be devasting to your boat. We can check over everything and make sure you are safe to get out on the water.


Does your boat seem slower and less peppy than usual?

We at Advantech can rebuild or replace your worn-out engine as part of our boat repair services.  If you are looking for more power and better throttle response, we can custom build your engine and match your out drive to optimize the performance of the engine you have.   Maybe you would like something more over the top for boat racing, we can install supercharged and big horse power engines in to whatever you desire.


Can we install custom electronics?

At Advantech we can install depth finders and fish finders and GPS so you know where to go and if there is anything there to catch.


How about trailer repair?

Advantech believes that up-keep on your trailer is a must.  We can install new Brakes and brake lines to keep you stopping.  We can also install electric brakes and brake boxes to help you tow your boat to and from the lake.  We can grease or install new wheel bearings and races to keep your wheels spinning.  If you have blown a wheel hub and need a new assembly, we work with the trailer manufacturers to get you the proper parts and we install them in house.    We can also install custom led lighting and repair old wiring.  Don’t let an old trailer keep you from the water, come into Advantech Automotive and we can check out your trailer and make sure your equipment is reliable.


Can we repair jet skiis and jet boats?

Yes, Advantech has trained technicians that can work on all types of marine and power sports vessels.