Auto Repair

McHenry County Auto Repair

From passenger cars to fleets of vehicles, McHenry County Auto Repair Shop Advantech Automotive is here for all of your needs.  If your car is not running quite right or won’t start, we can help!  Our team of trained McHenry County auto mechanics and technicians has you covered from bumper to bumper. We are here to help keep you and your family safe in all aspects of your vehicle.

If you are interested in buying a used vehicle, bring it by and we will do an inspection and give you our opinion on the current state of the vehicle.  If that pesky check engine light is on, our staff can scan your computer and tell you what’s going on and give you options on how to fix your car the proper way to fit your budget.  From simple oil changes to engine rebuilds, swaps, and modifications there isn’t anything our McHenry County auto repair shop doesn’t repair.

  • Oil Change
  • Chassis Lubrication
  • Pre-purchase vehicle inspection
  • Brake inspections and replacement
  • Suspension inspection and replacement
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Emissions diagnostic and repair
  • Engine tune ups
  • Fluid Flushes
  • Engine rebuilding and replacement
  • Transmission servicing, rebuilding and replacement
  • U-Joint replacement
  • Axle and CV Axle replacement
  • Differential servicing and rebuilding
  • Replace timing belts, chains and components
  • Cooling system service and coolant flush
  • Air conditioning service and replacement
  • Heater and evaporator core replacement
  • Power steering system replacement and upgrading
  • Alternator and battery services
  • Exhaust repair and replacement
  • Catalytic converter replacement
  • Carburetor rebuilding and tuning
  • Valve train adjustment and lashing


Is your vehicle not blowing cold air when you turn on the air conditioning?

Advantech Automotive is a McHenry County auto repair service center that can handle all Air conditioning repair and service.  We are certified to handle Freon and any of your cool air needs


Is your car idling poorly or not running like it used to and feels like it is low on power?

Advantech Automotive does complete Tune Ups.  From changing spark plugs and wires or coils, we can get you back running smoothly again.


Is the oil change monitor going off when you start your car or is the sticker in the window saying you need to change your oil?

Advantech Automotive does all types of oil changes on domestic and foreign vehicles.  Whether it is regular, synthetic blend, or full synthetic oil, we can change your oil, filter, and top off your fluids – we are here to help.  We will even get you new windshield wipers, air cleaners and cabin filters.


Are your brakes squealing, does your brake pedal feel squishy, or even worse, go down to the floor?

Advantech Automotive Repair does complete brake Jobs including replacing brake pads, brake rotors, and calipers, brake line fabrication and replacement, and brake fluid flushes


Do you hear a squeal or squeak coming from your vehicle when you start it up or are sitting idling?

Advantech Automotive replaces serpentine, v belt, tensioner and idler pulley replacement to get your vehicle back to normal running as quiet as it is intended to be.  Don’t let a bad belt or pulley leave you stranded.


Is your vehicle due for a timing belt or chain replacement?

At Advantech Automotive, a leading McHenry County Auto Repair shop, we believe preventative maintenance is very important to keep your vehicle reliable.  If you are approaching 80,000 miles and you have a timing belt, the manufacturer recommends replacing the belt and ancillary components to keep your engine running safely.  If you have a timing chain the manufacturer recommends that the chain be replaced at 120,000 miles.  If we keep up on the scheduled maintenance it helps to prevent engine damage that could lead to bigger problems like having to replace the whole engine


Do you hear loud noises coming from your engine?  Is your vehicle running poorly?

Maybe it is time for a new engine.  At Advantech we can rebuild the engine you have or install a new engine that comes with a three-year warranty.  Even if all you have is a box of parts, we can build the engine just like the factory would.


Does your vehicle lurch while you drive or not want to go into gear?

At Advantech, we do transmission swaps and rebuilding.  Whether your vehicle is an automatic transmission or a manual, our McHenry County auto repair technicians can replace clutches, pressure plates and flywheels.  Even if you have an automatic and want a manual transmission, we can retro fit your vehicle to give you the transmission you want.


Is there a groaning, grinding sound, or vibration coming from the back of your vehicle?

Advantech does Differential rebuilding and modifying, axle bearing replacement, drive shaft u joint replacement, drive shaft balancing and much more. Would you like a little more pick up?  Advantech and help you choose what ring gear you want and install it professionally for you to give you the driving fell you are looking for.

Is there a ticking noise coming from the top of your old engine?

At Advantech Automotive, our McHenry County auto repair technicians can do Valve adjustments, lifter replacement, rocker arm replacement, valve seal and even complete cylinder head rebuilding and replacement.  It is important to us that we try to save your engine before the ticking becomes something worse and you need a new engine.


Is your fuel economy down, maybe you smell raw fuel when you are idling, or possibly just a check engine light is on?

McHenry County Vehicle Repair shop Advantech Automotive specializes in Oxygen sensor testing and replacement.  A lot of times, the oxygen sensor wiring harnesses or pins go bad.  We believe that there is more to fixing just the sensor.  We will diagnose what caused the failure and fix that before we just put in a new sensor and say it is fixed.  Sometimes the sensors won’t come out or strip the threads when they do.  We can rethread the oxygen sensor bung or weld in a new one when necessary.  We also do Fuel system cleaning, pump replacement, and fuel filter replacement


Is there a foul smell coming from your exhaust?  Is your normally quite vehicle louder and smelling like exhaust fumes when you are driving?

Advantech Automotive, a leading auto repair shop in McHenry County, specializes in Exhaust and catalytic converter  replacement.  Whether you have a factory exhaust and need to replace the whole system from the exhaust manifolds to the tail pipes, we have you covered.  We can install aftermarket CARB compliant catalytic converters to high flow off road racing exhaust system.  We can convert your manifolds to headers if you are looking for a nicer look with a little performance gain.

Is there a clunk coming from the front of your vehicle?  Maybe the steering feels notchy or loose when you are driving and taking turns.

This could be a sign that something in your front suspension is going bad. At Advantech, we do complete suspension rebuilds and repairs.  From ball joints, to control arms, bushings, sway bar end links, shocks and struts, wheel bearings, steering shafts, rack and pinion assemblies to bad power steering pumps or leaking lines.   Having a vehicle that handles properly and does not drift and wander is something we take pride in.  We work with Hunter alignment racks to make sure your vehicle goes straight down the road.


Preventative Maintenance is not just something that a car dealership tries to sell you. Fluid flushes and proper maintenance can help keep your vehicle running smoothly for a longer period of time.

We at Advantech, our McHenry County auto repair center uses Manufacturer recommended fluids to optimize your factory parts. We understand there is a difference in manufacturer specification on what fluids should be used in the vehicle and will use only original equipment manufacturer recommended fluids.


Is your battery low?  Maybe your vehicle isn’t starting as fast as it used to or your lights are dim.

These are all signs that there is an issue in your charging system.  It could be something simple like your battery is just old, or something a little more serious like your alternator is going bad.  In a lot of vehicles, other power equipment is run off the same belt as your alternator, so do not take a chance and end up on the side of the road.  Come in to our McHenry County auto repair center and we can check out your complete charging system and belt to make sure the worst does not happen and you overheat your engine.  We can also install more powerful starters and alternators if your vehicle needs a little more power to start or if you have a nice stereo system that drains your batteries.  We also now feature installing dual batteries for all sorts of vehicles including diesel and plow rigs.


Is your car running hotter than normal or overheating?

At Advantech Automotive Repair, a leading McHenry County Auto Repair shop, we install new water pumps and thermostat in all different types of vehicles.  We can also help optimize the cooling system by fixing viscous fan clutches or electric cooling fans and new aluminum high heat transfer radiators.  Keeping your cooling system running properly is important at all times of the year.  If there is a problem in the cooling system, your vehicle could not just overheat but leave you without heat in the middle of winter.  Come in to Advantech and we can give your vehicle a complete cooling system test to make sure everything is running at its most efficient way.


Do you have a vehicle with a carburetor?  Maybe it’s not starting like it used to or is smelling like gasoline.  Maybe the vehicle won’t start at all.

McHenry County Auto Repair shop Advantech offers complete carburetor rebuilding and tuning.  Optimizing the fuel enrichment from the carburetor is one of the most important things you can do to keep your vehicle running and idling smoothly.  If the carburetor is out of sync, it could be dumping too much fuel or not enough fuel into the combustion chamber leading to pre mature engine failure.  Come in to see us here at Advantech and we can make sure your carburetor and timing are set properly so you don’t end up on the side of the road with engine failure